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Client Retention,
Relationships, and ROI

for Factoring Firms

Are your clients satisfied with your services in today's challenging business environment?

What if you could introduce your clients to a new, free service that helps them reduce factoring fees and improve supplier reliability and dependability?

Introducing AccelePay

AccelePay provides the supplier early payment program for your clients and fully manages all the details. We:

  • USE existing advances to pay suppliers, so there's no additional risk to you

  • REDUCE costs by capturing early pay discounts from suppliers, and sharing those fees with you and your clients

  • CREATE better supplier delivery, loyalty, and reliability


How Factors Benefit

  • Strengthen relationships and improve retention by helping clients recover a portion of their factoring fees

  • Differentiate by offering a unique, new factoring feature

  • Increase fee income and interest income on idle funds

Ideal Business Customers

Any business entity or organization that:

  • Pays supplier invoices on terms, such as net 30, 45, or 60 days

  • Wants to receive cashback for doing almost nothing

  • Would appreciate a reduction of their factoring fees

Contact Us

Scott Coffey

President & Founder


1201 Oak Street

Conway, AR  72032

Phone Numbers

501.730.2519 C

501.932.3155 O

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Turning Business Payables
into Profits.

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