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Similar to credit card rewards - just without the plastic - AccelePay provides cash-back to clients when paying their vendor invoices. 

We help businesses and organizations:

What is Accelepay?

Cost Reduction
Vendor Dependability
Payables Efficiency

Providing Businesses with

  • Reduce costs by paying vendors early and capturing available discounts

  • Create better vendor delivery, loyalty, and reliability by offering early pay

  • Streamline payables by reducing tasks and limiting vendor requests

  • Capture more discounts offered by suppliers

  • Lower your cost of processing supplier payments


AccelePay pays your vendors on time, or early using our funds, while also streamlining your payables process.

You simply continue paying invoices on regular terms.


Save Time

Become more efficient in your operations and payables process through AccelePay's seamless platform, which allows you to:

  • Reduce payables processing time and costs

  • Free up staff to work on higher priority tasks

  • Get jobs and projects completed faster

  • Improve invoice approval workflow

Secure Supply Chain

AccelePay creates supply chain security by:​

  • Offering your vendors early pay...and stability

  • Improving vendor reliability and delivery time

  • Ensuring continuity and stronger vendor relationships


​Any financially stable business entity or organization that:

  • Pays vendors or suppliers for any type of goods or services

  • Pays vendor invoices on terms, such as net 30, 45, or 60 days

  • Wants to receive cash-back for doing almost nothing

What is Required from Clients?

Who is AccelePay for?

Virtually nothing.


Our clients:

  • Pay No upfront fees or costs

  • Make No changes to their cash flow or payment terms

  • Have No disruption to their existing payables workflow

  • Simply approve vendor invoices in our portal - that’s it


"Receiving discounts by AccelePay paying our vendors - it was an easy decision for our business."
"Our suppliers really appreciate the early pay option, and it also takes pressure off of our payables process."
"AccelePay is a great solution, and the online portal is seamless and simple for us and our vendors."

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Scott Coffey

President & Founder


1201 Oak Street

Conway, AR  72032

Phone Numbers

501.730.2519 C

501.932.3155 O


Turning Business Payables into Profits.

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