Creating Value for Businesses

by Enhancing their

Accounts Payable Strategy

AccelePay unlocks the value trapped in accounts payable & helps clients to:

  • Preserve Cash Flow

  • Save Time

  • Secure the Supply Chain


Streamlined Payables

AccelePay's seamless platform allows businesses to become more efficient by:

  • Reducing the number of checks written

  • Minimizing vendor invoice payment costs

  • Freeing up staff to work on other tasks

  • Improving invoice approval workflow

Strengthened Cash Flow

AccelePay enables businesses and organizations to:

  • Offer early payment to vendors using AccelePay funds

  • Continue paying invoices on regular, or possibly longer, terms

  • Manage cash better and stop being the bank for vendors

Satisfied Vendors

When vendors get paid faster with AccelePay,

they become more:

  • Dedicated to completing jobs and projects faster, knowing they get paid almost immediately

  • Financially stable through improved cash flow

  • Reliable due to better financial management

If you need dependable vendors with financial stability, but don't want to disrupt cash flow and the payables process to pay vendors prior to invoice due dates, then AccelePay is your solution.


"AccelePay is a great solution, and the online portal is seamless and simple for both payors and vendors."
"Our suppliers really appreciate the early pay option, and it also takes pressure off of our accounting process."

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